PPG GRIPPER® Interior/Exterior Primer + Sealer


5 Gallons/18.9 L (05), Gallon/3.78 L (01), Quart/946 mL (04)



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Product Details

Reinforce the performance of your interior and exterior finish coat for any paint job with PPG Gripper Interior/Exterior Primer & Sealer. Well recognized among pros, this premium all-purpose acrylic primer dries quickly and provides excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces. 


  • Excellent Adhesion & Sealing
  • Outstanding Stain & Tannin Blocking
  • Great Hide
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
1800-0100 Flat Ready Mix Gray 5 Gallons/18.9 L (05), Gallon/3.78 L (01)
1900-0100 Flat White & Pastel Base 5 Gallons/18.9 L (05), Quart/946 mL (04), Gallon/3.78 L (01)
3210-1200G Flat Ready Mix White Quart/946 mL (04), Gallon/3.78 L (01), 5 Gallons/18.9 L (05)
3210-1300G Flat Ready Mix Gray Gallon/3.78 L (01)