Historic Color Collection

Design your home with the rich colors of heritage

Historic Color Collection

Wall Color: Pizza Pie (PPG1058-6)

Paint Color Palette: Historic Paint Colors

Our Historic Color Collection features dozens of color options for interior, exterior, trim and ceiling suggestions.

Pulling from such architectural styles as colonial, Tudor, craftsman and farmhouse, these collections help you stay true to the architectural style of your home and give homage. The details, the ceilings, the trim – all of these are opportunities for color.

Refined Neutrals

Our selected range of neutrals creates a solid framework from which to begin creating a historic-inspired color palette.

Rich, Warm Colors

From creamy lights to elegant darks, this color grouping generates a richness and warmth that feels inviting and friendly.

Classic Cool Colors

The epitome of elegance, our cool palette is comprised of airy blues, natural greens and stately darks.

Charming Contrast

Three-hue harmonies make an ideal choice for homes that evoke a sense of history and old-world charm.

Azalea Leaf


Cool darks like Azalea Leaf are great for exterior ceilings as they mimic the beauty of the sky at twilight.

When working with ornate trims and mouldings, choosing brighter, whiter tones helps balance the impact of all the details and keep your overall look less fussy.